A exclusive tailor-made naval design with a very high degree of customization and at the same time aimed at an automated and industrial production process.

Designing and building innovative naval units today means reducing the effort and energy consumption of the units, through the study of performing water lines and places and work spaces that have safety and habitability as their first objective.
The production process, through the integrated design of structures and plants, aims to optimize the construction effort and consequently reduce production costs.

The design of refitting and naval conversions means renovating, modifying, customizing to the owner's needs, modernizing in style and with the most modern technologies, to return a naval unit with a new soul to the sea.

In this design phase the work team develops the Concept Design in close collaboration with the customer.
Starting from the first project input data, ideas are developed that take shape by putting them on paper.
This is the moment in which the client views a preliminary photograph of the project perspective, in which the lines are composed, mixed and modified, becoming the starting point of the preliminary design in which the degree of detail is increased of drawings and technical specifications.

The development of the preliminary design includes:
general plans , complete with longitudinal views and plan views of all bridges ;
preliminary technical specification , with an initial description containing information relating to the main characteristics, performance and list of supplies;
technical and economic pre-feasibility study ;
first indications and provisions for the drafting of safety plans;

This documentation is a valid basis for comparison between designer and customer to refine the choices and obtain the maximum possible customization of the project according to the required needs.
This design phase can be supported by graphic elaborations, interior drafts for the choice of materials, preliminary hull studies to verify consumption and performance and three-dimensional modeling , which combined with the prototyping allows an even more in-depth comparison with the customer directly on the scale model.

The preliminary project is followed by the final project .
At this level, the definitive water lines of the hull are developed, the structural engineering calculations are developed at a level of definition such that in the subsequent executive design there are no significant differences technical and cost.
This project contains all the elements necessary for the issue of the required authorizations and approvals by the classification bodies
< br /> The development of the final design includes:
definitive master plans ;
definitive study of the hull ;
hull optimization through CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) ;
total three-dimensional modeling of the unit;
structural and system drawings ;
drafting of security plans ;
complete identification of the work to be carried out;
definition of the technical specification with all the necessary supplies and the description of the construction materials ;
technical and economic feasibility study in detail.

The executive project is drawn up in accordance with the final project.
The executive design constitutes the engineering of all the processes and fully defines every architectural, structural and plant engineering detail.
Detailed engineering is the last step before cutting steel in the case of metal and alloy constructions, or molding in the case of composite construction.

The development of the executive design includes:
Timetable of activities carried out in collaboration between Design Studio and Shipyard of production ;
Nesting documents showing the details of each structural element of the unit;
Unit assembly and construction book ;
Construction details:
Welding / construction procedures
Assembly drawings furniture components
Outline of the final provisions of the on-board instruments

The executive project is completed with the sea trials of the unit and with the drafting of the stability reports and instructions to the captain < / b>.

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