The Studio Samarelli follows every phase of the construction of the ship, from the laying of the keel, all the outfitting activities up to sea trials final and subsequent certification release activities.

The Supervision of Works directly on site constitutes a fundamental professional moment for the Firm and guarantees the client the success of each processing phase with a correct management of the relations between the Parties, a significant aspect of the work of the surveyor.

The Studio carries out assistance activities on its own and third party projects , as a trusted technician of the Shipowner or of the Construction Yard as appropriate.

The Works Management activity develops not only in the executive phase of the construction , but also in the preliminary one.
The Works Management exercises a continuous supervision on the progress of the works , which takes the form of supervision and detection of the qualitative and quantitative progress of the construction , through registrations, progress , delivery of the works.
Among the specific technical control activities :
- the acceptance of the materials, which must correspond to the requirements of the specifications
- the possibility of having, during the testing phase, all tests and analyzes necessary to establish the suitability of the materials

The Works Management also performs the important function of scanning the execution times of the works , as indicated in the time schedule of the executive project .

Finally, the Works Management checks the regularity of the contractual execution , constituting interface with the final testers , providing the necessary clarifications and explanations, attending the testing visits and signing the minutes of the test visit.